Being a person with a disability is really hard especially when you would like to have a job. When you are receiving benefits, you don’t know what to do. You don’t know if you will have a job that will pay enough money so you can stop receiving your benefits. The job might not be one that you will like. I am going to give you four tips to work on to determine whether this is something that you want to pursue or not.

1. Talk with your parents, friends and your rehabilitation worker if you have one.

You have to talk with everyone that you know and express your desire to work. Get as much information as you can especially your parents and rehabilitation worker. The rehabilitation person ought to give you a lot of information about getting a job and how it will effect your benefits. If you receive help for many things like housing, food stamps, and personal care assistants. This is a lot of money to lose if you get a job.There are many shops which offers jobs for disabled people. There are many san diego furniture stores miramar which offers jobs for such people.

2. Figure out what you would like to do.

What are your interests? What are you passion for? If you can not answer these questions, start doing some research on the Internet to learn what you want to do. Don’t research one topic but research three topics. After sometime something will catch your interest and you will know that this field is for you. Maybe you know someone who is in the same line of work that you want to get into. You could ask the person if you can watch what they do. Research what would be the starting pay. After you get everything, go back to the people that you talked to in step one.

3. Does this job require some training or a degree from a college?

If the job requires some training and the job usually trains the employees, this would be better for you. You would not have to pay for classes and delay the time to start working. If you do need training, I would recommend that you should try to watch as much videos on YouTube as possible. This way it you do sign up for classes, you will know that you truly want to do this job. If you want to pursue some training, ask your rehabilitation worker if they could help you to get money for the classes.

4. Start applying for jobs

It is time to start applying for jobs this step might be the hardest thing to do because you can’t control the outcome of applying. If you have to take some classes, talk to your instructors about jobs for you. Besides that, a college usually has a department for students to find employment. If you did not have to take classes, work with your rehabilitation worker and see if they could help you with finding a job. Use websites like CareerBuiilder, Monster, and Indeed. These websites have a ton of jobs.Also if you have already worked for a small company, make sure you get your experience certificate and your salary fully paid. If they ignore to pay you the salary hire a California workers compensation lawyer to work on your case.

Getting a job in general hard for anyone. Financial wise is a problem too, I do recommend checking GADCapital.com for fast and easy approval. If you are a person with a disability, it is really rough so please don’t give up in trying. It took me over 100 interviews before I got hired. Think positive and keep on trying.

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