If you love technology like me, this video is for you. I am going to talk to you about what Apple is doing with the Apple watch and Apple  home kit for people with disabilities.

Apple Home Kit

They came out with the home kit as an app in the app store in 2014. It doesn’t seem that long but it has. Apple just included the app as a part of IOS 10 which came out on September 13, 2016. The home kit is an app that control your house like your lighting, the temperature, the blinds, and many other things. Apple has many items that work with the Apple home kit.

I don’t have this home kit yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. The thing that interests me is the kit allows you to set up different scenarios that you might have. The one scenario that they talk about is movie night. When you have a movie night, you would have lights off and the temperature turned down and the TV on. For me, I might have one scenario that is for bedtime. I want all the lights off and the temperature turned up. I sometimes kick the covers off and can not get the covers back over me.

LED Lights

The lights are LED so that they last a long time. I read an article about some states are switching their street lights to LED because they last a long time and the light is easy to see with. They also save on electricity so it is a win all around.Most of the emr electric motor repair shops use led lights to save electricity and to get better visibility at the same time.

My Concerns

There are some concerns about getting the home kit. For me, I have personal care assistants coming and going so they turn the lights off and on. If I get the home kit, the wall switches have to stay on. I bet they have to be on. If someone turns the wall switches off, I would be still out of luck.

I have a ceiling fan in my office and it has a remote control attached to it, but it doesn’t work because either the wall switch is off or the actual fan is off. There is so many combinations of things to get right to get the fan working again.

I still think the home kit from Apple will benefit me in the long run.

Apple watch

Apple Watch

Now you are getting mad at me because I have not gotten to the Apple watch yet. As you know that people use the watch to know how far they walk and other health information. People who use wheelchairs also have the same data.You can also get more details about this by using an integrated facebook assistant app which helps you get information about this.Apple announced that this fall in 2016, they will have an app that gives the same data to people who push themselves. I think this is an awesome thing. I don’t know how it works but I really like how Apple is trying to help people who have disabilities.Before buying this HomeKit I would suggest you to visit coast life chiropractic centre and get advise from certified chiropractors

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