Socialization and Disabilities Have to Go Together

Socialization and Disabilities Have to Go Together

Life needs socialization, and I don’t mean just parties but actually talking to others. We as human beings, learn how to socialize as we are growing up. With people with disabilities especially when they are born with a disability, they usually don’t learn how to socialize right away. Since people with disabilities are behind the eight ball with socialization from the start, how do you increase socialization?

Reason Why

You might be asking why people with disabilities are behind the eight ball with socialization when they are young. Let’s talk about Cerebral Palsy for a moment. When babies start to crawl, they explore everything and anything, besides that they crawl to a family member. That starts socialization. If a child with Cerebral Palsy, they don’t have the ability to crawl so they have to wait for family members to come to them. When a child who can crawl, they make people laugh with what they do. This is difficult for a child with a disability, but it is not impossible. If the child is bright, they might be aware of their surroundings and learn how to interact with somebody.

Play With Your Child

What if your child is not interacting with others, what do you do to help them? Well, you can try to play with them more. If they have a favorite stuff animal, have them reach for it and if they touch it, give them a hug or tickle them. This is like rewarding for doing something good. By doing this, you are doing two things for them. First, you are having them interacting with you. Second, you are having them using their muscles to reach for the stuffed animal. If they have Cerebral Palsy, it takes a lot of time to have their muscles to repeat the action automatically.

Teenage Years

As the child grows up, try to introduce them to new things like camp, boy scouts or girl scouts, or even a neighborhood teenager center. When I was a teenager, my dad took me to a place for teens to hang out. They had a pool table, games, and music. My dad stood me up and held my hands on the stick while we played. Actually, it was a form of therapy, but it was fun too. The other kids were nervous at first, but as I went there more, they began to be comfortable with interacting with me.

Socialization Not Important

You might be saying that socialization is not really important. I think it is and here’s why. If your child has Cerebral Palsy and will always need help with their daily activities, they will interact with others. If they cannot hold a conversation or even acknowledge that someone is with them, the caregivers most likely will quit quickly. There are so many things that go into having good personal care assistants. That is why I created an online course that will walk you through every step of the way to hire someone.


Sometimes a person can get them in a rot with others and it might affect friendships. Everybody has bad times because we are human beings with flaws. Recently, I was in a funky mood and one of my aides noticed it and we had to talk about it. That talk really helped me. If somebody does not know how to socialize properly and deal with changes in their lives or other people, it might affect their lives really quickly.

Employment Needs Socialization

What if your child will work when they grow up? Do they have to socialize with others? Of course, they do! It doesn’t have to be a job in the corporate world, but they can be a person who welcomes you at Wal-Mart. Actually, the job at Wal-Mart needs you to be really social because when people come in, you have to say hi to them. In the corporate world, you have to rub shoulders with others to climb the corporate ladder. If you don’t do that and just sit in your cubicle, nobody will remember you when promotions come.

The bottom line is that socialization is very important to all of us. People with disabilities face difficulties with socialization. With learning how to socialize from an early age, their lives will be enriched as they grow up. As a parent of a child with a disability, you really want them to succeed in life and socialization is just one way to do it. For information on how to win the lotto check out Von den Millionen, die niemand haben will – Augsburg – City –


Getting Accepted at School With a Disability is Hard

Getting Accepted at School With a Disability is Hard

When a child with a disability enters a new class, getting accepted at school is difficult. It might be because the other classmates might not be around other children with disabilities. So how does the teacher foster acceptance by the whole class? This post is going to focus on pre-junior high years because the child usually has only one teacher a year and in junior high and high school the students have some knowledge of how to get acceptance from students.

The First Day of School

When a child with a disability goes into a classroom for the first time, the other students usually look at them as if they were from the planet Mars. I don’t mean that only the child is in a wheelchair or nonverbal, or even if the child has a learning disability – the students will notice that the student is different from them. I am not saying it is wrong but it is a natural reaction from the students. That is why the teacher has to make the whole class to feel comfortable with the student with a disability quickly.

Get Acceptance Quickly

How does the teacher do that quickly and effectively? Well, if the child can talk and feel comfortable with talking about their disability, I would allow the student to talk about their disability and facilitate the class to ask questions. Since it might be someone’s first time to interact with somebody who has a disability, the teacher should try to help all of the students interact with the student. With that being said, naturally, some kids will be opened to this, but some won’t. This is all part of what it means to be a human being.


Now, let’s talk about if the student is nonverbal. This will be difficult for the students to understand especially if they are really young. So, how can the teacher explain why the student can’t talk? This has to be taken very carefully and if the teacher explains it really well, the students will remember this forever and they might affect another person who is nonverbal down the line. If they remember this when they are adults, maybe they might hire a person who is nonverbal and to me, that could be the best thing that the teacher could do.

Learning Disability

If the student has a learning disability, this might be difficult to explain to students as well. The student might be high functioning and that might be easier to explain. There are times where something triggers the student to act up. This is quite difficult to explain because logically it usually doesn’t make sense to adults. So, how would kids also understand it?

Teacher’s Day

Being a teacher these days is so difficult. But I think that it must be so rewarding to see kids succeeding at school. With a big class, you can do so much for each student. If the teacher tries to include the student with a disability in everything, you can’t ask for anything else because teachers could do so much for every single student.  With that being said, getting accepted at school is very important for a child’s life.

Getting Nowhere

Let’s talk about if the teacher refuses to help the student be accepted by the other students. What can you do as a parent? Well, write a nice note explaining what you are noticing. With your child’s social life and acceptance by the other students, it might affect your child’s life so don’t take this lightly. Sometimes the teacher does not notice it. They might be appreciated with your note and will look out for it. Getting accepted at school takes work from everyone especially teachers.


There are some teachers who might say that they are there to teach and not for socialization. That is all right but I would argue that socialization is a part of teaching too. If you get nowhere, set up a meeting and try to explain why you feel your child needs help to be accepted by the other students. Your child has a right with getting accepted at school.

There is so much that teachers have to do during the school day. They are regular human beings and have a limit of time with each student. We can just ask them to try to make our children feel comfortable with interacting with others. Finally, if you don’t like the outcome with the teacher, you can help your child with socialization yourself. If you can increase socialization outside of class, it might increase in the classroom as well. For information on online betting check out free spins no deposit keep winnings

Letting Go The Negativity – How to Restore Your Life

Letting Go The Negativity – How to Restore Your Life

Everybody has bad days and it just happens when you least expect it. It might be when you were in a hurry to get to work and you had an accident, which made you super late. You might have had a personal assistant who just quit on you when you didn’t expect it. I could go on and on with giving other examples. Sometimes we get ourselves in a rot when things don’t go well. Letting go the negativity is how we can restore our lives because we have to live positive and achieve what we want to accomplish in life.

Poor Me Role

If we have some negative things happen, again and again, we sometimes get down on ourselves and play the “poor me” role. I have to admit that I play this role and I hate it. You are saying why, Chris. It is not like I don’t want people to feel sorry for me rather I want to get over the negative and have the good things happen but I do not know how to accomplish it.

Letting Go The Negativity

A lot of people get to this state of life, but how do we move beyond this and get back to what we want to become? First of all, I don’t mean becoming a millionaire or a movie star, but rather becoming a person who is loved by God and wants to do well in the world. Trying to become a millionaire or a movie star is not wrong but it takes a lot of networking to achieve these things and you still don’t know if it will flourish ever. I think it gets back to what you love to do and find ways to build up the momentum to do it. For me, it is getting the word about this website and being able to write interesting blog posts.

I think that I have been listening to many experts, who are saying to do this and that so that people come and look around the site. It sounds nice and dandy, but at the end of the day, I have to be what God made me. If I cannot write a 1,750-word post ever, it is ok. If you are wondering where I got this number from, some people say that Google likes that length of posts with many pictures. Not listening to the experts is another way of letting go the negativity. You can argue that the experts might know what they are saying.

Giving Your All

When you give your all, it makes you be proud of yourself. I don’t mean that you have to do perfect work because nobody ever has done perfect work. Everybody has flaws and often feel that they could have done this or that, they would make it better. As a programmer, you design a program one way and while you are coding it, you think of a better design. Does this mean your current design is no good? Absolutely not, because designing is abstract – there are unlimited ways to design a program just like building a house. Some designs are better than others, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you deliver what the users want.

letting go of negativity by screaming

Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself is all you need. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others believe in you? It has to start with you. Let’s take an example. Your friend comes up to you and says that you should be a painter. You say well ok and you will try. After several tries, you can tell that you don’t have the act of painting.

Let’s change the example now. Let’s say that you want to be a writer and for a few months now, you have been doing a lot of short stories. You feel like your work has gotten a lot better so you feel like you should show a few friends. After showing them what you wrote, some might like your work and some might not like it. If you take their comments and apply what they told you in your next story, the next time you show your work, all of them might like it and might share it with others. Believing in yourself is one way of letting go the negativity inside you.

Beyond The Negativity

Sometimes you might receive mix reactions about your work for a while and you don’t know what to do. I know this feeling too well, but I have to do what I feel in my heart. It is hard to see the fruit of something if you are looking in the wrong direction. I have an awesome example of this – a few weeks ago, I was talking to a guy who does SEO work for a while and he tested this site. At the end of the conversation, he basically said I was stupid in trying to improve the site.

Fast forward to this week. I saw a comment from a visitor, and I thought oh no another person who wants me to put their product on this website. I started to read the comment and to my amazing dream, it was from a woman who has a disability and she loves this site a lot. This validates that what I am doing here is really helping people in so many ways that I cannot imagine. Going back to the short stories example, if there is just one person who has been touched by a story, you did your job. Staying positive is another way of letting go the negativity.

Trusting in God

I know it is hard to see other people accomplishing a lot but you aren’t. All I can say is to trust in God and knowing that he is guiding you on the right path. If you do that, you will succeed. The end goal is to get to heaven and not a book deal. I know that a book deal might be sweet. But at the same time, it might not lead you to heaven. For information on how to win the lotto check out Sportwetten Lizenz Vergabe 2014

Caregivers Are Essential – How Do We keep The Good Ones?

Caregivers Are Essential – How Do We keep The Good Ones?

Caregiving is a job where a few people can do well and it has a lot of shit to handle – the pun was not intended. Without caregivers, our lives with disabilities would not be the same. That means they are a really important part of our lives, and we don’t think about it sadly enough.

Good and Not so Good Aides

When we have some not so good ones, we want some other caregiver back because they were better. Although, we did not express our gratitude toward them when they were with us. It is our fault sometimes especially when we focus on the not so good ones. We have to remember to act the same way to all of our assistants because if we don’t have them, we would be in trouble and that won’t be good.

When I look back in my life, I saw when I was not kind or generous toward my aides. Yes, we are human beings who make mistakes, but we have to remember one thing and that is we are their employer. We all experience not so good bosses. When we had them, we wanted to quit. If we are the mean bosses, they might quit on us.

Showing You Are Thankful

So what can we do to show all of our caregivers that we are thankful to have them? One way is by saying thank you when they do something kind for us. It might be when they have done a good job or take another shift when another person needs off.

Another way that you could show appreciation to your aides is by letting them have a can of pop once in a while especially on a really hot day. It shows them that you care about them.

Good caregivers

Special Caregivers

Sometimes a caregiver is extra special and you want to keep them around as long as you can. How do you do that? This is an excellent question and I think it is hard to answer because there are a lot of things to think about. If you say to give them more money, that is one way of doing it, but many people with disabilities don’t usually have extra money to give. The money usually is given by the state so the amount is determined by the state

Let’s just say that you are giving the pay yourself and you can give whatever you want. If you just increase the pay for the special aide, it might conflict with the other caregivers, and that is no good. What I do is give gifts for birthdays and Christmas. If other aides see the gift and ask you who is it for, just say for a friend. You are not lying because the person is your friend and that is how I see it.

I don’t think having a special personal care assistant is a bad thing at all – actually I think it is a good thing. It is allowing you to see what kind of caregiver is the best for you. If you say that it doesn’t matter, I beg the difference with you. When somebody helps me really well, I can see the difference – I eat a lot better with the person and I feel like I am better dressed. If I am dressed all messy and I go out, what would other people think of me? Most likely they might think that I am not well educated and don’t care about my image. Do you think that is me? I hope not.

Making the Difference

Caregivers do make a huge difference in your life and you want to keep the best aides in your life. If you are getting poor personal care assistants, your quality of life will decrease. I don’t want to hear that. If you are having a hard time finding good help, please contact me. I might have something that might help you.

Every person is different and like different types of caregivers so finding the right ones takes a lot of work. The more work that you do in finding the right help will reflect the quality of the help you will receive. If you have good luck in finding good caregivers, please tell us what you do because it might help another person in need of a good aide. Thank you!

How Mainstreaming Helps a Student’s Life for the Better

How Mainstreaming Helps a Student’s Life for the Better

Mainstreaming is where students with disabilities are placed in the regular classroom. It allows the student to be accepted by their peers and have the education that all students should have. When I started the first grade in 1971, I was with students who had a disability, and the teacher had experience helping the students with their daily needs. In today’s school setting, students are placed in the regular classrooms at the local school.

Low Reading and Math Levels

Due to the low reading scores and math levels, I was placed in special education classes. I needed a lot of one-on-one or more attention from a special education teacher. At that time, I believe there was an unspoken presumption that children with disabilities could not function in a regular classroom.

Presumption Overcome and Refuted

mainstreaming disabled studentsMainstreaming is a process by which disabled students are placed in regular classes alongside their nondisabled peers. The student with a disability is required to perform at the same academic level as the other students in his or her classes. This is the state from a process of inclusion, in which the student with a disability is not required to function at the same level as their nondisabled peers, even though the terms are frequently used interchangeably.

Mainstreaming was a new and gradual process when I was mainstreamed in 1976 – I was grateful for the fact that my classroom teachers gradually introduce me into regular classes. Over time I proved my ability to function. I am not certain that I could’ve handled a complete class schedule at the age of 11 or 12, but I was able to prove my ability to function over time.


I remember feeling the fear that I would not be able to succeed, this fear gave me a relentless desire to succeed, I would do everything possible to succeed academically, even if it meant endless hours of study and toil. With hard work, I did succeed.

Advantages of Mainstreaming for Children with Disabilities

My life experience illustrates one of the main benefits of mainstreaming, it is that a child with a disability can grow and improve his or her ability to learn when being challenged. The first class, in which I was mainstreamed was music it was an elective in my middle school and I do not consider to have been academically challenging, the next year I was placed in a science class along with the social studies class. I attended regular classes in high school in 1979.

An Opportunity Meeting Girls

Socially the experience was fantastic, I was blessed to have nice young ladies push me to my next class. Mainstreaming gave me an opportunity to learn social skills. Interacting in school helps the student to ask for help which allows the individual to be more independent.

Advantages for Non-disabled Children

Students without a disability receive the benefit of meeting children with disabilities, as a result of meeting children with disabilities – other students may develop compassion and empathy. It is also possible that under some classroom models the nondisabled students may be able to tutor the students with disabilities in areas where they are stronger.

Disadvantages of Mainstreaming

Teachers in regular classes do not have the skill and training of a special education teacher. Lack of experience with disabled children may create unrealistic expectations for the student. The expectations of teachers must be set at the right level for each student in order to be appropriate. Throughout my education, my teachers had a full understanding of what I could achieve. Can the expectations be set too low the student may not grow academically?

If the expectations are set too high the student will not exceed and achieve, classroom teachers may not understand the needs of the student with a disability. The student with the disability may not receive the physical care that they need, it should be noted that in today’s school environment this is an unlikely scenario, schools are required to provide a free appropriate public education to students with disabilities under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Under this act, no entity receiving federal funds may discriminate on the basis of disability. This means the needs of the student with a disability must be met to the same extent as the needs of children without disabilities. In Section 504, they define what a disability is so a student must be evaluated to determine if they have a disability or not.

students with teacher - mainstreaming

Disadvantages for Students Without Disabilities

Students without disabilities may be deprived of needed teacher time because disabled students require more attention. Students without disabilities may become resentful because disabled peers received more attention.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Schools

The school districts receive funding from the state’s Department of Education for every disabled student under their care so having more students with disabilities get more money.

The state and federal education budgets are being reduced teachers and schools are required to do more with less funding.

The effect of mainstreaming overall is positive, both from the perspective of the student with a disability and their nondisabled peers. It’s important to note that a mainstream environment is not best for every student, parents and teachers must make the decision that works best in light of the needs of the individual student. My parents made the choice to allow me to be mainstreamed in the public school. If my father had been given the choice he would’ve allowed my younger sister with a hearing impairment to attend the Philadelphia school for the deaf. Each child has different skills needs and abilities. Ideally, each student should study in the environment that is best for this. I strongly urge the parents reading this post to evaluate all services available to determine what is best for their child.

Alexa: Do You Help People With Disabilities?

Alexa: Do You Help People With Disabilities?

Do you want to increase your quality of life your quality of life? Do you want to create a home with meet your needs in light of your disability? I strongly recommend the use of smart home technologies. Using integrated technology like Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant you can increase your home’s functionality a little bit of the time starting with what you need first. The Internet and modern technology alleviate the need to purchase one expensive device to perform a task.

Amazon Alexa

The Alexa application can be used to control the lights, the TV, and other applications as well as set alarms. It can also be used to read headlines from new sources such as CNN Reuters and Fox. The technology has opened up a whole new world for an individual who could not read books or newspapers by themselves.  The Amazon echo can also be used to perform Internet searches without using one’s hands. When I performed my initial research for this post I did so use my Alexa for fire TV. The device can also be used for shopping and setting reminders.

Amazon Alexa

My Setup With Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant

The lights in the house can be controlled with simple devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. The technology isn’t perfect but it represents a great start and will provide benefits and comfort to individuals with disabilities. I have the good fortune to live in a home in southern New Jersey that is wheelchair accessible. It has a flat entranceway in the front of the house. My back porch as a wooden ramp which permits me to exit off the back porch from double doors leading out of the house. It has wider doorways so my motorized wheelchair can drive through. The doorway to my bedroom is 36 inches. My bathroom contains a roll in shower and accessible sink.

There is one thing I would change about my house I cannot open and close the front door by myself, unfortunately, I am very dependent upon others to get in and out of the house. I would prefer to have a door with an electronic time in a combination lock. At this time the items are beyond my budget.

Ideal World

In my ideal world, my home would function as a part of my care as crazy as it sounds Jensen’s cartoons where technology showers George dresses him and brushes his teeth. The August Smart Lock can be used to grant equal access to your home at certain times of the day such as home health aide. An individual smartphone can be used as a key. If you don’t want the person coming over anymore you can simply remove their access. The device also keeps track of who arrives and when. It provides more safety than a keypad with a combination.

If you have a falling out with a former home health aide you can restrict your access simply by removing them. This is a cost-effective item because it sells on Amazon for $181.24. This item is definitely cost-effective and could be purchased with the proceeds from my Social Security disability check.

Other Devices

Other wonderful devices include the ring doorbell which allows you to see the person at the door through the smartphone application. You can decide whether or not to answer the door. There also smart thermostats which allow you to control the temperature of your house.

One drawback I see with respect to these devices is that they are all Internet-based. If your Internet connection is unreliable, the devices will not function. I frequently had to reset my router to ensure that my Internet-based devices actually work. Fortunately, this is usually a simple process of restarting the router which I do by simply unplugging it or by calling my Internet provider on the phone. I do not presently possess a smart door lock a ring doorbell or a smart thermostat. My mother has to help me with resetting the thermostat or to see who is actually at the door. I believe that these devices would greatly enhance our personal freedom.

While my Jetsons fantasy of devices that provide me with attendant care is still far-fetched smart home devices are not and can provide a great deal of personal independence. I strongly urge you to try them because many of them are more cost-effective than I thought at first. If you know other technologies that work for you, please leave it as a comment below.