If you are a parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy and you want to go out with your spouse, how do you do that? Couples always have to have date nights once in a while, but they are scared about who will be able to take care of the child with a disability. I am going to give you some things to do so you can have the opportunity to go out.

Grandparents and Family Members

If the child’s grandparents are involved in the child’s life, this is a perfect opportunity to have them watch the child. First, you know your parents really well so you don’t need to worry about putting your child with a disability in danger. Second, the child will most likely be comfortable around them. Sometimes the grandparents might not be sure about taking care of the child, but they have to try. This can also be uncles, aunts, or even older brothers and sisters. Naturally, I am saying someone who is in high school or older.

Teenagers Around The Neighbor

When I was a kid, my parents would get teenagers from the neighborhood or from church to watch me. I really liked that because we used to play or the guys used to race me in my manual chair. They also jumped up and down on my bed. It was so much fun.

mariage date night with a child with a disability

Things to Stay Safe

I will give you several things to do so you can go out on a date and feel comfortable that your child is safe. Safe is the key here.

  • Make a folder with instructions on feeding, bathrooming, dressing, and transferring. Another section is for the medication that the child takes, the amounts, the time that the child needs the medicine. The next section is for phone numbers like doctors, police and fire departments, and family members. You want to be sure that the person knows who to call in an emergency. If the child is nonverbal, you might want a section for common gestures that the child uses.
  • Before you go on a romantic date, you should have a trial run so you can see how the person works out. You can go to the store for an hour or two. This way you can come back if something happens. You want the person to feel as comfortable as possible. You have to remember one thing, and that is the person might not do a good job at first. They need a lot of practice.
  • Technology is amazing. Cameras are really helpful when checking on your child with a disability. You can also use it as a training tool. When you see the person doing something wrong, you can show them where they messed up. Now you have to figure out how many cameras and where do you want to put them. I am sure that you figure that out.
  • I would train three or four teenagers to watch your child. It is better to train several teenagers than just one. If you have some family members as well, you will have a good chance of going out. I also feel it helps the child with a disability to adapt to different people. Your child might need personal care assistants all their lives. If you just shelter them, they might have a hard time adapting to other people. I think you have to think about the future of! your child now and don’t wait until they are adults.

Reasons Why Date Night Is Important

I think that date night is very important for a marriage and you cannot stop living if you have a child with a disability. If you do that, in my opinion, you are hurting your child’s live. I have friends who have two boys who have disabilities. Yes, they love their boys and take care of them, but they have help around the clock too. They have to have a life as well. They are really active in finding a cure for their sons’ disability, the expenses when you have a child with disability can be very high but with some effort you can easily find 1 or 2 references of places where you can get some financial relief. All I am trying to say is that you have to live your life too.



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