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The purpose of this article is to find the most disability-friendly cities in the United States. My evaluation criteria consist of the following items:

  1. Cost-of-living
  2. Affordable reliable attendant care
  3. Accessible affordable transportation close to home with proximity to work, school, doctors, and entertainment.

According to the Social Security Administration, one in every 5 people has a disability today. Sadly, this is not a sufficient amount of money to cover our living monthly expenses. The average Social Security check pays $1165 a month barely enough to keep a person above poverty.

This information was found in a report by wallet hub. It is clear in life as well as business cost control is the key, especially when many disabled people are living on a fixed income such as Social Security disability or SSI.

One pervasive problem that may still exist in many areas is the lack of affordable accessible public housing. I presently live in southern New Jersey. The Burlington County Housing Authority does not have any disability accessible units at this time. Applications are not in them being accepted at this time. This information is based upon a phone call I had with the Housing Authority in February 2017.
Attendant care New Jersey.

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Attendant Care Options

New Jersey has 2 attendant care options one is a Medicaid waiver program in which the state pays for the attendant care of disabled persons after a required annual assessment. Under this program, there is a recapture provision which means that the state is able to recover the amounts expended on the disabled person’s care from his estate. The recapture takes effect at the decedent’s death.

The 2nd program allows family members of disabled persons to be paid. Under this program, the disabled person is either required to work and pay a co-pay based upon his income or to perform 20 hours of volunteering per month. Under this program, there is no estate recapture.

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Portland, Oregon has a wonderful transportation system. Portland Oregon. The transportation system is entirely accessible including bosses and trolley cars. In Portland Oregon a disabled person can take a car or minibus provided by the tri-med transportation system the city even has accessible trails that can be enjoyed by persons with disabilities a significant benefit of this city is its moderate climate historically.

The city of Berkeley, California is known as the base for the independent living movement the state of California pays for attendant care and the city of Berkeley has been known to provide backup attendance in the event that yours is absent on a given day. A system like this would’ve been useful when I was choosing my law school. I was accepted by Temple University but I would’ve had to rely upon my attendance to come in and get me out of bed every day which does not always happen. Berkeley, CA might be one of the disability-friendly cities.

Las Vegas, Nevada

All of the major attractions on the strip are accessible and elevators are abundant. Even the sidewalks are wide in the streets are flat. The buses kneel to allow wheelchair access. All forms of public transportation are accessible including trolleys. If you don’t mind me saying I think I found my next vacation spot, which might be one of the most disability-friendly cities. The information contained in this article was based upon the general needs of disabled persons and my own needs it is important to know your needs and requirements prior to choosing a location in which you are to live. I hope the information contained in this article proved helpful.

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