Embrace your Cerebral Palsy! You are saying that is an odd statement to make. Yes, this is true, but why would I embrace my Cerebral Palsy if I hate it. I hate it so much that I wish I didn’t exist. Many people with disabilities might feel like this sometimes. Before I go ahead, I have to say that I love my life and did not really mean that I wish I were dead. Yes Cerebral Palsy is really difficult.

Embrace Your Cerebral Palsy

Why would I say to embrace your Cerebral Palsy? First of all, CP is with you for your entire life so if you fight it, you will never win and will actually wear down your body to a point where you would not function properly. We know that our bodies are not functioning right in the first place so if we do not embrace it, it will put more stress on our bodies. It is like playing tug of war with your body and after some time, you will get tired and might give up. Do we want that to happen? I don’t think so.

Accept CP

Since we know that fighting Cerebral Palsy will not be helpful, what do we do? Did I hear someone say, “Embrace it”? Yes, I did and you are right. But, how do we do that? First, I think we have to accept that we have Cerebral Palsy. If we don’t accept it, how can we embrace it? If we don’t accept it, we are trying to say that Cerebral Palsy is not real so the doctors must have been wrong with their diagnosis. We know this is wrong because they ran tests to really know we do have CP.

When we accept Cerebral Palsy, we know that we cannot do certain things on our own. We have to do things that we can do and try to improve. If we accept it, we don’t give up trying. We have to push ourselves to do more no matter what if it is difficult. I am not saying that if you can’t walk, you must try to walk. I am not saying that but if there is something new on the market that might improve your life. If you just say it won’t help you without trying you are selling yourself short. If it costs a lot of money, that would be a good reason for not trying it.

embrace your Cerebral Palsy

Sometimes We Don’t Try

I have a good example of this. I have a friend who has CP and cannot use a computer but can talk. The person had an iPad, which has Siri. Siri does things for you if you ask it to. It understands voice commands. This is perfect for the person, but the person would give up trying after some time. If I didn’t try the iPad, I would never have the cool apps that help me every day. I think you have to be open to new things. Yes, it might be scary, but you might never know when something might improve your life.

Love Your Life

I have heard a lot of people with Cerebral Palsy say that they love their lives. The people, who say that they love life, have embraced their CP already. They want to improve their lives but they accept the hard times too.

What do you think a person has to do to embrace Cerebral Palsy? If you have other ideas, please tell us down in the comments below.

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