When a child with a disability enters a new class, getting accepted at school is difficult. It might be because the other classmates might not be around other children with disabilities. So how does the teacher foster acceptance by the whole class? This post is going to focus on pre-junior high years because the child usually has only one teacher a year and in junior high and high school the students have some knowledge of how to get acceptance from students.

The First Day of School

When a child with a disability goes into a classroom for the first time, the other students usually look at them as if they were from the planet Mars. I don’t mean that only the child is in a wheelchair or nonverbal, or even if the child has a learning disability – the students will notice that the student is different from them. I am not saying it is wrong but it is a natural reaction from the students. That is why the teacher has to make the whole class to feel comfortable with the student with a disability quickly.

Get Acceptance Quickly

How does the teacher do that quickly and effectively? Well, if the child can talk and feel comfortable with talking about their disability, I would allow the student to talk about their disability and facilitate the class to ask questions. Since it might be someone’s first time to interact with somebody who has a disability, the teacher should try to help all of the students interact with the student. With that being said, naturally, some kids will be opened to this, but some won’t. This is all part of what it means to be a human being.


Now, let’s talk about if the student is nonverbal. This will be difficult for the students to understand especially if they are really young. So, how can the teacher explain why the student can’t talk? This has to be taken very carefully and if the teacher explains it really well, the students will remember this forever and they might affect another person who is nonverbal down the line. If they remember this when they are adults, maybe they might hire a person who is nonverbal and to me, that could be the best thing that the teacher could do.

Learning Disability

If the student has a learning disability, this might be difficult to explain to students as well. The student might be high functioning and that might be easier to explain. There are times where something triggers the student to act up. This is quite difficult to explain because logically it usually doesn’t make sense to adults. So, how would kids also understand it?

Teacher’s Day

Being a teacher these days is so difficult. But I think that it must be so rewarding to see kids succeeding at school. With a big class, you can do so much for each student. If the teacher tries to include the student with a disability in everything, you can’t ask for anything else because teachers could do so much for every single student.  With that being said, getting accepted at school is very important for a child’s life.

Getting Nowhere

Let’s talk about if the teacher refuses to help the student be accepted by the other students. What can you do as a parent? Well, write a nice note explaining what you are noticing. With your child’s social life and acceptance by the other students, it might affect your child’s life so don’t take this lightly. Sometimes the teacher does not notice it. They might be appreciated with your note and will look out for it. Getting accepted at school takes work from everyone especially teachers.


There are some teachers who might say that they are there to teach and not for socialization. That is all right but I would argue that socialization is a part of teaching too. If you get nowhere, set up a meeting and try to explain why you feel your child needs help to be accepted by the other students. Your child has a right with getting accepted at school.

There is so much that teachers have to do during the school day. They are regular human beings and have a limit of time with each student. We can just ask them to try to make our children feel comfortable with interacting with others. Finally, if you don’t like the outcome with the teacher, you can help your child with socialization yourself. If you can increase socialization outside of class, it might increase in the classroom as well. For information on online betting check out free spins no deposit keep winnings

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