People are Apple lovers or Android lovers. With me, I am an Apple lover and write a lot about Apple. IOS 13 and iPadOS will be coming out within a few months now. I am learning a lot about what new features they will have for people with disabilities. The most powerful change is that they are moving the accessibility features to the top level in settings. Right now, it is under the general section. I think that this is a huge change because they are saying that people with disabilities are very important to them. 

Dark Mode

I am really excited about the dark mode. You are asking what dark mode is. Well, it is when the background is dark and the text is white. When I first heard of this, I thought whatever no big deal, and then I watched a few videos on it. I could see the text clearer so I really think it will help me to read things easier. When I went to Apple a few times lately, I talked to several guys who were on the beta version of IOS 13 and they love it a lot.

Voice Over

Another feature that is being enhanced in IOS 13 for blind people is voice over. This feature allows a blind person to run their finger over the screen and detect different things like text and buttons. In this version of IOS, they made it to detect really small objects that it didn’t detect before. Now blind people will have more accurate representation of the screen.


This next feature is not for people with disabilities per se, but it will help them so much. Shortcuts is an app that Apple bought it two years ago and in this version of IOS, they really enhanced it. What Shortcuts does for you is allow you to write a task or several of tasks that you do every day and attach it to a button. For example, the guy at the Apple store, made a task to text his girlfriend and say that he is on break and can chat with her for a while. When he is on break, he just has to press a button and the text is sent. 

You are thinking this is not going to help you but let me tell you what I am planning to do with this technology. Like I said many of times that I live on my own and have personal care assistants helping me throughout the day. I have someone who gets me up in the morning. If they don’t come on time, I am in trouble and I can’t use my iPad in bed. What I am planning to do is to buy a button that works with HomeKit. When I press the button, it will trigger a task to text all of my aides that I need help. I heard from many people that this will work. We will see what happens.

The Sky is the Limit

With Shortcuts, it can trigger complicated tasks which is great. I am finding that smart technology is wonderful when it works. When it doesn’t work, it is hard to find the problem but this technology will get a lot better as the time goes on. Yes, I am worried when it doesn’t work when I am in bed, but I have to try it.

Apple IOS 13

As a person with a disability, I am really please how Apple is trying to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Another thing that is coming this Fall to the Mac is the ability to use the Mac with only your voice. It is built right in the operating system. When you have a third-party software, you might encounter many problems, but if the feature is within the system, it is a lot better.

Ios13 is coming this Fall although I would like to use the beta version of it, my iPad is how I communicate with the world. When it is buggy, I can’t be productive like I want to be. If you know more accessibility features that will be in IOS 13, please tell us in the comments below this post. 

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