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IOS 13 is almost here and iPadOS is coming out at the end of the month. People are getting excited to get their hands on it. I love the new features but the most important feature that I can’t wait is automation with Shortcuts. For those who don’t know what Shortcuts is, it is an app that allows you to make a task to be a push of a button on your iPhone or iPad. I have a button on my iPad to get the weather forecast. 

NFC Tags

With IOS 13 and iPadOS, you will be able to set up tasks that can be run at a certain time of the day or by a button or NFC tags. What are NFC tags anyway? They are stickers that have a code on them. If you create a certain task that you want to trigger whenever, you put it on the wall. When you want to activate it, you just have to touch it with your iPhone or iPad. It is just like having a button but a lot cheaper. 

Shortcuts Automation

With automation in Shortcuts, I have a few ideas of what I am going to do first. The first automation will tell me the forecast for the day and then play a playlist. Right now I have an alarm on my HomePod to wake me up. This is good to a point, but I am tired of hearing Siri says “Wake up alarm” for ten minutes. With IOS 13, I can get up to Guns and Roses or something from the ‘80s. That is how I want to be wakened up to. 

On a serious note, this next automation will be to text my aides that someone didn’t come on time or I’m sick. This automation will be triggered by an Eve button which will be by my bed. For now, this is what I know will work. The concern is that how will I know if somebody texted back. Siri can read texts to if you ask her to. Since I am nonverbal, I can’t tell Siri to read texts. You can have another button to read texts, but that causes a privacy issue. I understand the fear that Apple has.

Door Locks with IOS 13

There are many things that you have Shortcuts to do for you and one thing is to unlock your door at a certain time. Security is one thing that all of us need in our lives. Some of these door locks have a number pad so you can give your aides a code to get in. If one of your aides quit on you, you can just change the code. 

Some of the doors have cameras on them. With IOS 13 HomeKit has capability of storing the video on the iCloud encrypted. The encryption will be done before the video is send to the iCloud. People are not buying cameras because they don’t trust the companies are saving your videos on their servers. With Apple, you might have a better trust in their security. For me, I have more trust in Apple than a third-party company who is new


With Shortcuts automation in IOS 13, the possibilities are endless. To me, I truly believe that it will change the lives for people with disabilities. Right now, people are thinking that this is all fine and dandy, but they are not thinking beyond their comfort zone. Yes, it is scary but you have to try it and see what you can do with it. Technology is out there to use and not be afraid of it. IOS 13 and iPadOS will help us as people with disabilities. I want to know what you think about this technology. Do you think that it will help you?

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