In the summer of 2009, I had a personal care assistant who took me out to have fun. One day we stopped by Katharine Manor. It is a building that was built for people with disabilities. My aide had friends there and I found that I knew people there too. I was not thinking about moving out, but I was thinking about what to do in the future.

Katharine Manor

We stopped by the office to see if they had any available apartments. Sarah, who works in the office, showed me one which was one bedroom apartment. It was OK, but I knew that I needed a bigger place if I would move out.

Sarah said there was a two-bedroom condo for sale. She asked me if I wanted to see it, and I said sure. It was really dirty and really dark. Although it was dirty and dark, something caught my eye. I don’t know what it was, but something did.

Told Dad About The Condo

I came home and told my dad about it and we had major issues at home. My mom was not doing well at all and dad was taking care of both of us. Basically, he was burning out.

I finally convinced him to look at the condo. Like I said earlier that it smelled, but when dad and I saw it, it smelled a lot worse. We had to go out of there after five minutes because we were starting to gag. That was how bad it was.

One of my directors from work was doing remodeling on the side. I don’t know how we got him involved in the discussion of the condo, but he was doing the work for free if I paid for the materials. I said sure.

Dad Approved Finally

I just needed to convince dad about the condo. I remember it was a Saturday afternoon and dad’s friend was over. We were talking about what to do. I think Jim, dad’s friend, said something that changed my dad’s mind. After that, the condo was a yes.

I needed a realtor to help us, but who could we get? A few months earlier I reconnected with my friend, Laura, who we met in Junior high. She had two friends who were realtors. She would ask them if they could help me. They said sure and provided their services for free. It was like everything fell into place naturally.

Closing Day

On February 1, 2010, I closed on the condo and the next day we started to destroy the place. Dave, my director from work, and I talked about what I wanted to do with the condo. So the first week we had friends helping. When dad and I got to the condo the first day, the kitchen was completely empty and people were breaking the bathroom floor up. So I thought I would move in soon.

Major Issues

That was not the case because we ran into many issues like mold several places and several water leaks. With the leaks, some of them happened after we fixed the walls. We had to take part of the wall down to fix them. It was a nightmare. Dave lived an hour away in good traffic so he was getting tired of driving every day.

When we started, Dave thought I could move in by March 1st. It was June 1st when I did move in. Since the building was accessible, we did not have to enhance it. We just had to put a lot more lights in the condo.

Move Out with CP

During the last few years doing videos for YouTube, I heard a lot of people who have disabilities like CP say that they don’t like where they live. I totally understand their struggles. We have to remember one thing and that is everywhere you live will have issues. Katharine Manor has issues too. I hire my own personal care assistants, I have issues too so nothing is perfect. I don’t mean that you should live where you totally hate it, that would not be good either. I said once before that you have to surround yourself with people who truly care for you and love you. Then take one step at a time so you can move out.

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