My Birth

When I was born, it was a gorgeous spring day in the early part of June. The birds were singing away and the rays of the sun were coming down and warming everything up. It was perfect weather to go to the beach and soak up the sun. My mom loved to sunbathe with her girlfriends.

Rather going to the beach and soak up the sun, God had a different plan for my parents and that was to bring a new life into this beautiful world. So my dad drove my mom to the hospital to have their only child. Mom and dad loved each other so much and were ready to have a family.

Before Having Me

Before I continue this story,  I have to rewind two years. One day in December I think, my mom woke up one day feeling sick. My dad asked her if she was ok. If you knew my mom, she always said that she was ok. But, she was not ok. She was losing consciousness, so my dear dad called the doctor. The doctor told dad to take mom to the hospital right away and keep her awake. That was a really tall order for my dad because she was passing out every few minutes. He put her in the car and took off for the hospital. It was during the morning rush. He drove on the shoulder of the highway hoping that the police would stop him. When you need the police, they are never around.

Dad finally got to the hospital and they took my mom in. They found out that she had a tubular pregnancy. My parents did not know that she was pregnant. The doctor told dad if he did not get her to the hospital fast as he did, she would surely have died.

Returning to My Birth

We are returning to my birth now. It was amazing that she was pregnant at all since she lost one of her tubes. So it was an awesome day all the way around. The nurse took my mom to have me. Back in the olden days in 19
69, the dads were not allowed in the delivery room.

One hour has gone by, then two hours, then four, and then six hours have gone by. Now my dad hates being in the hospital at all. He was getting worried about what was going on. After six hours the doctor walked out into the waiting room. I don’t know if it was six hours or more because I was in the delivery room fighting for my life.

The doctor asked dad if he knew that he had a boy. Dad said that nobody talked to him until that time. The doctor went on to say that I had 50 50 chance of living and asked if he would want me to be baptized right away. Now some of you know my dad. He is one who tells you like it is. He said of course like the doctor should have known the answer right away. The doctor asked what name would he want for me. He said Christopher John.

What Happened in the Delivery Room

When dad finally saw my mom, she started to tell him what happened. Since it was a gorgeous day, the staff in the hospital was low. So there was only one doctor in the delivery room. When I came out, I was not breathing at all. Besides that, my mom was bleeding pretty bad. So the doctor was going back and forth between mom and me. The doctor told my parents that my lungs didn’t open right away. I don’t understand what that means. Both of us could have died. Looking back on my birth, it is amazing how God turned something really scary into something awesome. God has a plan for all of us. You have to trust in Him.

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