I have talked about being nonverbal, but today I will talk about what you might do in an emergency if you are alone. During the warm months, I am usually out and about on my own. Going to church or going downtown Naperville on a beautiful sunny day is fun, although, the weather is not good for that this year. What do you do when you need help but you are by yourself? 

Cell Phone

This post is going to be focusing on people who are nonverbal but most of it will be good for any person with a disability. First thing is to have a cell phone on you. Put it somewhere a person can find it quickly. Today’s cell phones can allow you to identify people in your contacts to be emergency contacts. I just recently got a new phone and I have to do that. I know I am bad. 

Making Cards

The second suggestion is to make a few small cards on a key ring and put it somewhere in your wheelchair. On the cards, put your name, your address, your disability, and maybe emergency contacts as well. I also would explain how to communicate with you. For me, it is easier to ask me yes and no questions.

Another important thing to put on the cards is to unlock your power wheelchair so they could push you. Besides that, explain how to transfer you. You might have several scraps to undo before transferring you. If you can stand a little, put that on the cards. After you finish the cards, I would laminate the cards so they don’t get ruined by liquid. 

Cell Phone Locator Feature

The third thing to do is to turn the location tracker on your phone and your tablet. If you get lost, the police can find you easier. If you don’t know how to turn it on, look in the settings or ask someone who knows how to do it. I think it can save your life.

Communication System

If a person tries to help you, try to show them where your cards are. You can try pointing to them. If you have a communication system, I would write a few sentences about you and how to communicate with you. Actually, I would have what you wrote on your cards in your communication system in case the cards got lost. Put this information where you can get it easy. If you are like me, I have folders within folders which makes things hard to find. I have my information on the top level of my communication file structure.

Going Out

I am noticing that people with disabilities don’t feel comfortable going out by themselves. It is understandable but you have to be an adventure in your life. I never was scared to take walks and I had no problem with crossing a busy road. The only thing that I was scared was crossing train tracks when I was living with my parents. I told myself to try to cross the tracks where there was a lot of people around. Once I tried that, I didn’t get worried about doing it again. You have to push yourself in trying new adventures if you are nonverbal or not.

If you have overcome something and are doing it on a regular basis, please tell us what it was and how you overcame it. People need to be encouraged to do it all.

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