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Yes, we do webinars if people ask. There is a charge to do it. If you want me to do a webinar for you, please contact me at clenart@comcast.net. We can talk about the topic, time, and pricing.

Yes, we do one-on-one consultations, but we don’t give medical advises. We can help with non-medical advises such as school issues, personal assistant issues, employment, and other things. The cost is $50 for a 90 minutes Zoom call.

I co-wrote a book entitled “They said We Couldn’t” with my friend Lisa Cesal about our lives with Cerebral Palsy. We want to spread the message that people who have Cerebral Palsy can do anything they want in life.

In the Workplace

After I graduated, I received a full-time position as an Associate Business Analyst. While I was working, I received my master’s in Software Engineering from DePaul University in 2008. I was a Senior Business Analyst for HSBC, where I had worked for 14 years, when I was let go in 2009. While I was working, I started a diversity group for employees who had a disability. It gave me great pleasure to talk about my Cerebral Palsy and how it didn’t stop me from having a full life. The enthusiasm to talk about my life grew into something that I love to do every day.

As an Advocate for Disability Awareness

Today, I am an author and public speaker who talks about my life with Cerebral Palsy. By sharing my story, I want to be an asset to society. My testimony is always from the heart.
I would love to speak to your group or organization, telling my story of fighting for inclusion, overcoming my disability and raising awareness of the disabled in the community and workplace.
People tell me they find my talks moving and inspiring — especially now, when there is so much divisiveness in our world. You can find out more about my talks and view testimonials at Chris Speaks.
I am also happy to consult privately to organizations or individuals seeking to enhance accessibility and inclusion for people with disability.