Disability and the Workplace


Employment Among People With Disabilities Has Not Improved – Why?

The unemployment rate is the lowest in many years. Women unemployment is the lowest and black unemployment is the lowest ever. Employment among people with disabilities has not improved. I was thinking about it and was feeling that companies were the problem...

Advocacy and Confidence Employment for People with Disabilities

A person with a disability must consider the effects of employment on your physical and mental well-being. I resigned my position, as a claims representative with the Social Security Administration. It was because I did not fully consider these factors before...

Socialization and Disabilities Have to Go Together

Life needs socialization, and I don’t mean just parties but actually talking to others. We as human beings, learn how to socialize as we are growing up. With people with disabilities especially when they are born with a disability, they usually don’t learn how to...


General Information About CP

United Cerebral Palsy has a site that is filled with useful information about CP. They explain the different types of Cerebral Palsy. They can help you to find assistance if you need it. I say this site is the main place to learn what CP is all about.
Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder marking muscle coordination. In most cases, cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage that develops while the baby is still in utero or during or shortly after birth. Comprehensive information about cerebral palsy and most common types can be found at Cerebral Palsy Guidance.
Cerebral Palsy Group is a robust site that provides “high quality, medically-reviewed data” on everything related to CP, as well as financial and legal help, treatment and therapy resources. There is a number to speak with a case worker as well.

Disability & Employment

Chris Speaks

Chris Lenart, Founder of Disability Awareness, speaks to students, youth groups, conference audiences, faith-based institutions and the workplace to promote disability awareness.