Have you ever been in a situation where your PCA and family members are trying to help you, and you feel the tension between them? You know that both of them want to have your best interest in mind. What do you do?

Feeling Awkward

Over the years, I have been in the middle of the tension between my personal care assistants and my family members. It feels so awkward. Your personal assistant might be helping you for a long time and they know how to help you the best, although your relatives might have known you for your whole life. I think it might be easier to try to ignore the situation while it is happening. You don’t want a dispute to start between your PCA and family members.

Ignoring the Situation

Why did I say to just ignore the situation? Well, for the most part, you are probably at a gathering with many people. If you try to tell one party that they are getting out of place, it might turn into a heated discussion and other people will start looking at the argument. Your aide might say something to you afterward.

Giving Confidence

If they bring it up, then try to give them the confidence that they are doing a good job. If you are taking them to a nice doing in the first place, it says something about them. I have never taken a PCA, who was just all right because I want to eat cleanly as possible and I want the aide, who feed me the best. Let’s face it, if you eat messy, people will remember that and might not invite you back. You never know. You might say that I am biased with my help – you might be right, but my look is very important to me. Some personal assistants don’t realize that at all.

PCA and family members arguing

When They Are Right

Let’s just say that your relative is giving some good tips to your aide – what should you do? In my opinion, you might tell them that you will talk to them after the doing or another day because you feel that their suggestions might help the aide. It is about providing you the best help that you can receive. If your relative can give one helpful tip to the person, in my mind, they truly want to help you. With that being said, it is your life and the person should do it how you want it to be done. I think it is a sensitive subject to deal with. You don’t want your relative to stop helping you and you don’t want to make your aide mad. You have to keep your PCA and family members helping you.

A Few Times a Year

Sometimes the relatives only see you once or twice a year, so what do you do then? This is my issue because I think I have a few hundreds of cousins but a few cousins know how to help me. So if we are together and some of them want to help me, they have no idea of what to do. You might be saying how sad – I totally agree with you, but at the same time, I can’t force them to help me. Although I might want them to learn how to handle me, I don’t have the right to force them. This is a tricky topic to talk about because it is your life, not theirs.

I think when you are a person with a disability; it is not easy to make sure everyone is happy. Sometimes it is difficult to work with relatives because they want to help you but don’t know how to. They try to give your personal care assistants suggestions, although they come off being harsh. Since you are in the middle of this, you have to be the ref somehow. People don’t realize that people with disabilities often find themselves in weird situations with a PCA and family members. We have to learn how to handle these situations in a proper manner. For the best casino experience check out pacific attack slot

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