On a hot sunny day, you are out and about and need a super cold drink.  You just go to a fast food restaurant and ask for a large drink of your favorite beverage. They hand you your drink and you ask them for a straw. The restaurant tells you that they don’t carry straws anymore. They are eliminating plastic straws – why?

Paper Straws

I heard that they are going toward using paper straws, but I do not know how that would work. For me, I know paper straws will never work for me because most plastic straws don’t work for me unless it is kind of hard. People with disabilities often use straws so that they don’t get their clothes messed up.

Saving the Environment

I understand that they want to save the environment, but sometimes people have to think about what would happen if they eliminate something all together. I think it is doing injustice for the society and if we just let them keep doing this, what is next? They want to eliminate making old buildings accessible with the HR620 bill.

eliminating plastic straws colorful straws

Independence vs Eliminating Plastic Straws

By eliminating plastic straws, they are making people with disabilities more dependent on other people. What do I mean by this? Well, most people who use straws and are a person with a disability can drink by their selves. If plastic straws are eliminated, people with disabilities will be more dependent on other people. If you look at the society as a whole, people with disabilities are not needed and if we get more dependent on others, who know what they might want to do next. I don’t mean that they are eliminating plastic straws to make our lives more difficult. It is that they are more worried about the planet, which is good to a point, but if people would recycle the straws like they should be doing, this would never happen.


What can we do as a community? There are a few things that we can do. First, share this post with your friends. Most likely people don’t know about this or second they don’t realize that people with disabilities need plastic straws to drink. The second thing that we can do is when we go to restaurants, we should tell the manager that you need plastic straws to drink and ask them nicely to continue to provide plastic straws. By doing this, you are teaching them that people do need plastic straws and it is necessary to have them.

Eliminating plastic straws is good for the environment, but it is affecting people’s lives. People with disabilities have the rights to ask for a straw that works for them when they are in public. We want to stay clean as possible when we eat out, and straws are one way that keeps us clean.

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