An increasing of installing smart technology in homes is growing daily. Everybody is buying things for their homes to making their lives easy and save money. Does smart technology help people with disabilities to be more independent

Smart Technology

What is smart technology anyway? It is a technology that turns lights on, locks the door, turns the TV on, and many other things from your smartphone or tablet. If you cannot turn something on because you cannot reach it, smart technology can help you with that. 

I know what you are saying – “but Chris, it is too expensive. “ Yes, it is a little expensive, but you have to look at the big picture over time. Let’s say that you have to leave a light on in a room where you are in some parts of the day. If you have a smart switch in the room, you can turn it off when you are not in there. First of all, you are saving on electricity. Besides, you are saving on buying bulbs in the long term. 

Smart Bulbs vs Smart Switches

There are many options for lights. You can buy smart bulbs or smart switches. A smart bulb costs around $25 and a smart switch costs around $35. Both are on Amazon. What would you buy? Naturally, you would say that you would buy the bulb because it is $10 cheaper. Well, that is not the right one to pick. I will give you several reasons why a switch makes more sense.

First, a switch usually turns on multiple bulbs. If a switch turns on four bulbs, you would have to buy four bulbs at $25 for one bulb so you have to pay $100 versus $35. Second, a switch will last much longer than a bulb. 

Philip said that their smart bulbs will last around 15,000 hours. They say it should last fifteen years. I have not seen a bulb last that long ever. So, you can judge for yourself. 

Getting Excited Yet

You might be getting excited about this technology, but you are wondering what you need to make your home smart. All you need is a secured internet and a tablet or a smartphone. The internet has to be yours and not your neighbor. The reason why you don’t want to use someone else’s internet is that they could turn on a device without you wanting it to. This would be very bad indeed. 

Apple has HomeKit and Google has their Google Home. Both apps work about the same way but I use HomeKit because I use an iPad. Home Kit comes with iPad, iPhone, and iWatch. I heard it might be in the Mac computer later this year


What does HomeKit do? It allows you to control the main functionalities of all your devices in one app. When you install a device, it will have you to download their app for the device. When you do that, it puts the main functionalities in Home Kit. You have to buy devices that have the Home Kit logo on the box otherwise it will not work with HomeKit at all. 


The true magic with HomeKit is automation. What automation allows you to put a timer on all of your lights to be turned off at a certain time. Also, HomeKit is smart that it knows when sunrise and sunset occur every day. You can say to turn on a light fifteen minutes before sunset. I find that to be really cool.

One thing that is needed to have automation to work is that you have to have an iPad or Apple TV at home all the time. The iPad has to be set up as a hub for automation to work. It is just a setting to be turned on in settings for HomeKit. 


Let’s talk about safety for a minute. If you have a disability that requires you to have a personal assistant to get you up in the morning, you might give the person a key to get in. That might be dangerous but all of us do it. Well, this will be the thing in the past because there are smart door locks. They work basically the same way with any other devices. You can set a timer to unlock the door at a certain time. You could say what about when the power or the internet goes down. In my opinion, it is better to have smart technology in your home then being depended on other people. Yes, it is scary to adapt to change but in the long term, you will be happier.

If you are using smart technology in your home please tell us what you think of it. If you are not ready to take the plunge, what is holding you back? Please leave your comments below this post. 

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