Be The Best You Possible With Cerebral Palsy

Many people struggle with Cerebral Palsy in today’s world.  Our goal at Disability Awareness is to provide individuals with Cerebral Palsy with a voice.  As we also have Cerebral Palsy (Chris Lenart & Lisa Cesal), we understand the challenges, hardships, and hurdles one faces when living a life with CP.  We are here to provide quality information to help you become the best you possible can, while providing you with a support system you can always count on.  Check out our blog section to see articles written for individuals with Cerebral Palsy!



We have a blog about different disability topics. Since we have Cerebral Palsy, we do talk a lot about CP.

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We have a YouTube channel since 2015 about disability awareness. We do a video on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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We have an online store to sell our book and other items. Please check it out.

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