Disability Awareness

My vision is that it is better understood that people with disabilities can be just as much of an asset to society as anyone else. Also, that people with disabilities would realize their full potential and go after their dreams.

Be The Best You Possible With Cerebral Palsy

Many people struggle with Cerebral Palsy in today’s world.  Our goal at Disability Awareness is to provide individuals with Cerebral Palsy with a voice.  As we also have Cerebral Palsy (Chris Lenart & Lisa Cesal), we understand the challenges, hardships, and hurdles one faces when living a life with CP.  We are here to provide quality information to help you become the best you possible can, while providing you with a support system you can always count on.  Check out our blog section to see articles written for individuals with Cerebral Palsy!



We have a blog about different disability topics. Since we have Cerebral Palsy, we do talk a lot about CP.

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We have a YouTube channel since 2015 about disability awareness. We do a video on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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We have an online store to sell our book and other items. Please check it out.

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